7 easy ways to protect car from theft

7 easy ways to protect car from theft

Nowadays the information about the most frequently stolen cars and on measures to prevent stealing is widely available. However, cars are constantly stolen. The mission of this post is to teach the car owners the rules of protecting against theft. Knowing the tricks of the hijackers will help you observe precautions for maximum protection of your car.

Automotive service professional is the most important person in the life of your car. 

Checking car alarm

  1.    Kicking a car to check for car alarms.

Even motorcycle that is riding by can trigger modern car alarms. This causes many people to turn off sound mode alert when triggered car alarm. In such cases, it is better to use alert pager transmitter system instead of alarm with motion sensors.

Valuable things in a cabin

  1. Smashing a window or cracking the lock to enter the car.

Don’t tempt the thieves. Do not leave valuables in sight. Take them with you or keep in the trunk. If you have a detachable stereo system, take it with you, instead of hiding it in the glove compartment.

Steering wheel blocking

  1. Cutting off the steering wheel if it has a locking device.

Instead of trying to block the steering wheel, lock your car using a starter lock mode.

Protected alarm system

  1. Finding unprotected wires to cut them, or CPU car alarm block to deactivate it.

Make sure you set the car alarm using professional service – only an experienced professional knows how to make your car inaccessible to hijackers.

Identification of type of alarm system

  1. Find a sticker with the name of the car alarm to determine how to neutralize it.

Never leave the labels indicating the brand of your car alarm or stereo system. If possible, you should use a cable lock bonnet to not allow a thief to get to the battery of your car or the CPU block of car alarm.

A key in a starter

  1. Jumping in the started car while its owner withdraws money from an ATM, buys cigarettes, etc.

Never leave the key in the starter, even if you need to pop out just for a moment. Do not grant the hijackers an easy opportunity to thieve.

Second key

  1. Finding the second set of keys hidden in the car.

Don’t leave spare keys in the car or in the magnetic part at the bottom of the car. The hijackers know all secluded places.

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